Digital reusable packaging for semiconductor production

Packwise & Solvay Chemicals GmbH

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Digital reusable packaging for semiconductor production

How Solvay optimizes its container logistics at the Bernburg site with the Packwise solution, saves costs, and ensures optimal delivery to its customers

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Who is Solvay Chemicals?

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Headquarter: Hanover

further locations in Bernburg, Düsseldorf, Rheinberg

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at the Bernburg site

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Market leader in the field of electronic grade hydrogen peroxide for the semiconductor industry




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with Packwise since 2020

The biggest challenges

  • 1
    High requirements for the purity of the products produced by Solvay
  • 2
    Increasing storage costs and high tied-up capital
  • 3
    Lack of transparency in transportation and consumption
  • 4
    High personnel effort for the maintenance and retrieval of containers
  • 5
    Ineffective quality management and lack of adherence to the FIFO principle

What Solvay says

We are very satisfied with the services of Packwise. The gained transparency of the supply chain is extremely valuable. It accounts for the high value of goods and packaging and has, in collaboration with our customers, already enabled us to harmonize processes in the supply chain and reduce the workload on both sides in several cases."


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The initial situation

The substances produced by Solvay in Bernburg, such as hydrogen peroxide, are used among other applications in semiconductor production. There, cleanroom conditions prevail, and the highest demands are placed on the chemicals used. Therefore, the materials manufactured by Solvay meet above-average purity requirements that must be maintained even after production.

The supply to semiconductor fabs is characterized by just-in-time deliveries and an optimized inventory that keeps both costs and the amount of hazardous goods requiring authorization low. At the same time, the chip industry is so capital-intensive that high utilization and operation around the clock, 365 days a year, are essential. Consequently, the inventory must always be high enough to ensure unconditional operational continuity.

The result

The use of the Packwise Smart Cap has led to ongoing optimization in terms of costs and processes for both Solvay and its customers. The now precise traceability of the containers ensures they are always in sight and returned promptly. Container location tracking in conjunction with temperature monitoring, in turn, secures product quality along the entire supply chain. Information on inventory levels and customer fill levels optimize production planning and inventory management.

The introduction of the Packwise solution and the associated collection and evaluation of valuable data have created security for all parties involved while reducing costs. The increased service level achieved and the strengthened customer trust improve customer loyalty and also ensure the use of goods according to the FIFO principle for the customer.


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