Breakthrough for sustainably efficient chemical distribution

Packwise & CVH Chemie-Vertrieb Gruppe

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Breakthrough for sustainably efficient chemical distribution

Tested, convinced, implemented: Packwise Smart Cap optimizes the handling of reusable containers from the CVH Group

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Who is the CVH-Gruppe?

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Headquarter: Hanover

further locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Magdeburg  


Revenue per year:

96 mio. euros



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Germany-wide chemical distributor



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with Packwise since 2020

The biggest challenges

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    Reduced overview of returnable containers in the field
  • 2
    Low visibility to consumption at the customer's site
  • 3
    High administration and coordination effort
  • 4
    Unused potential in routes/ logistics
  • 5
    Rising costs and strained storage capacities

What the CVH-Gruppe says

"By using the Packwise solution, we keep an eye on our returnable containers in particular at all times. The digital tracking of fill levels also enables us to offer new business models and improved service. Looking to the future, we are thus able not only to offer our customers absolute added value, but also to better plan our routes and operations, which we hope will significantly reduce our carbon footprint in the coming years."

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The initial situation

As a supplier of basic and specialty chemicals, CVH distributes a large number of chemical substances on a daily basis and therefore not only needs reliable, transparent processes, but also feels it has a duty to offer its customers excellent service with effortless ordering processes, low costs and prompt deliveries. This requires: visibility, efficiency and sustainability along the entire supply chain - and this is where the challenges lie.

CVH and Packwise started by analyzing the current challenges and potentials of the logistics processes. It quickly became clear that the Packwise solution would be of great benefit to the chemical company. The project team's focus is on the Varibox, a reusable container that is used in a closed loop with the help of the Packwise Smart Cap and always returns to the respective starting point of its filling.

The result

The introduction of the Packwise solution resulted in an ecological as well as economical improvement in the area of logistics for CVH - labor input was reduced in production and warehousing; ordering processes were optimized. Due to various parameters, it is now possible to immediately consult with the customer about potential risks; customer loyalty has been improved.

Packwise was able to generate enormous added value for the CVH Group in the more sustainable use of containers as well as strengthening customer relationships.

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