Our Packwise solution

For a digital, transparent und autonomous supply chain

Our hardware-based software solution for your supply chain

Your product is exposed to heat or low temperatures on its way to the customer? An important resource is running low at your customer's site? A delivery is delayed? With Packwise, you will know about it in real time, can react promptly and link specific events to automated processes.

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Innovative technology, simple design

Our Packwise Smart Cap makes your analog containers digitally trackable. It collects data on parameters like fill level, temperature, location and movement directly from the container by using advanced IIoT technology. This data can be directly integrated into your ERP system via Packwise Flow, our digital supply chain hub.

Know what is happening

With our Smart Cap, you stay in touch with your containers - at every station along the supply chain. This gives you access to precise information about the status quo of your products at all times, even beyond your own factory premises.

Plug & Play

Digitization is complicated? Not with Packwise. The Smart Cap is simply attached to your container and is immediately fully operational. So you can record your entire fleet in no time at all.

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Ready to use on...

  • 1111-1
  • 2222-2
    Stainless steel IBC
  • 4444344-1
    Tank Container
  • 32432432-1
    Stationary Tanks
Plug & Play

New service models for your digital supply chain

Packwise Flow is your intuitive, browser-based software for intelligent container management. Using the data our Packwise Smart Cap measures and sends, it digitally maps the condition of your containers. The platform not only helps you retrieve, view and share relevant data such as fill level, temperature and location at any time, but also intelligently uses it to optimize and automate processes within your supply chain.



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Packwise Flow

The essential features of our digital supply chain hub


Container Management
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Packwise Flow analyzes your containers for you fully automated, e.g. based on locations, products or order numbers. For example, notifications can be activated for when the stock of a material is running low, a critical temperature is reached or a delivery arrives. Follow-up processes such as automatic reordering are then automatically initiated.

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Your most important KPIs at a glance


The individually customizable dashboard in Packwise Flow helps you keep an eye on your KPIs and monitor your processes. You can easily view key figures such as the number of containers and material inventory - both aggregated at one location and across all locations!

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Collaborate with
nvite & Share"

With the digital supply chain hub Packwise Flow, you not only optimize and automate your own processes: Share selected data with customers and partners, for example to trigger automatic container pickup or reorder when your customer runs low on a product.​

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Transparency and automation​

The 6 most important functions in practice​​

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Your benefits at a glance

New service models for your customers

Automated and more stable processes

Minimization of administrative workload

More efficient handling of materials

More sustainable logistics processes

Optimized quality management

How Packwise helps companies make their supply chain digital, transparent and autonomous

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