A long-standing
company becomes
a digital pioneer

Packwise & Hesse Lignal Success Story


A groundbreaking success project in the Chemical industry

Hesse Lignal was able to establish a transparent, intelligently connected IIoT supply chain with Packwise. Let us inspire you!

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Who is Hesse Lignal?

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of coatings and stains for surface finishing

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industry, trade and commerce on the international market

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10,000 m² production area

for coatings and stains made in Germany

The 5 greatest challenges

  • 1
    The market is volatile. Hesse Lignal wants to position itself more broadly with innovative offerings
  • 2
    Although the supply chain is automated, it still entails high costs and requires a lot of effort
  • 3
    Resources could be used even more efficiently
  • 4
    Warehouse and logistics need to be aligned in an even more sustainable manner
  • 5
    Together with customers and suppliers, more efficient processes need to be created

Die 5 most important goals

  • 1
    Radically increase the competitiveness of the Hesse Lignal company
  • 2
    Reduce process costs throughout the supply chain
  • 3
    Boost supply chain efficiency and resilience
  • 4
    Use resources (products and packaging) in the supply chain more sustainably
  • 5
    Adopt a collaborative approach to leverage synergies across company boundaries while strengthening partnerships with customers and suppliers

What Hesse Lignal reached


less operational admin expenses


cost savings in logistics


reduction in inventory


shorter replenishment time

What Hesse Lignal says

"The Packwise solution makes it possible to automate operational ordering processes in purchasing, thus freeing up more time and resources for strategic projects. This positive effect increases significantly the more suppliers are integrated into the solutions."

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The initial situation

“Only those who recognize the signs of the times and unpretentiously do away with outdated structures can survive on the market in the long run.”

In 2019, Hesse Lignal automated its entire administrative order flow – from the customer order to the supplier invoice. However, smart solutions for all departments along the supply chain today demand coherent IT strategies, and practical approaches are rare. This is where Packwise came into play.

The result

“Our supply chain is now not only digital; it’s also autonomous and transparent. This generates tremendous added value.”

Hesse Lignal has achieved a great deal in terms of process optimization, customer benefits, transparency, risk management and digitalization. As part of the digitalization project, all logistics management processes were redesigned from scratch. The Packwise solution enables scheduling and ordering processes that reduce the administrative effort of the supply chain to almost zero and greatly enhance supply security for all stakeholders.


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