Making Containers Smart

Transform your supply chain into an intelligent, digital and collaborative network 

Intelligent analysis of your container fleet – anytime, anywhere

Track your industrial containers along the supply chain

Stainless Steel-IBC
Stationary Tanks
Tank Containers

The Industrial IoT solution for your industry

Easy to install, effortless to use



Revolutionizes the customer-supplier relationship
  • Transparency on and beyond your own factory premises

  • Optimized customer service and automatic reorders

  • Minimal effort required thanks to intelligent, automated processes

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Life Science

Receive real-time data,
gain control
  • Resilient, perfectly coordinated supply chains

  • Control and visibility over containers and their contents

  • Sustainability thanks to the efficient use of resources

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Food & Beverages

Quality assurance of precious goods   
  • Internal process optimization and cost savings

  • Seamless quality control

  • More efficient utilization of reusable packaging

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More than 20 countries are using the Packwise Solution on 5 continents. 


Container under management

The number of containers filled by Packwise customers annually.


Active Clients

Packwise currently serves 45 customers from a diverse range of industries.

Benefits of relying on Packwise

Transparent Logistics

Transparent goods movement enables efficient processes

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Customer Service & Sales

Greater revenue thanks to new service models

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Lower costs through forward-looking production planning

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Group 239

Smaller container fleet with the same transport volume

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Group 240
Quality Management

Fewer losses thanks to permanent monitoring of materials

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Group 241

Conserves resources and reduces CO2 emissions

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How can my company benefit from Packwise?

What our customers say

"By using the Packwise Smart Cap, the availability of our products and the timely change of product containers is constantly guaranteed - process reliability and cost savings are guaranteed! Our customers can rely on us at all times and concentrate on their core tasks."

"With the help of Packwise, we can track our shipments and ensure their quality at all times thanks to comprehensive data on temperature and fill level - throughout Europe. On the one hand, this guarantees our customers high quality standards for our products, and on the other, it enables us to keep an eye on our high-quality containers and thus always keep them in circulation."

"The Packwise solution makes it possible to automate operational ordering processes in purchasing, thus freeing up more time and resources for strategic projects. This positive effect increases significantly the more suppliers are integrated into the solutions."

"The Packwise solution has met our expectations exactly. We are currently preparing the roll-out for other areas of the company: We want to equip more and more containers with the Packwise solution in order to offer the new, customized logistics service to more and more customers."

"Our aim is to support our customers and business partners on their journey into the world of Chemistry 4.0, to open the door to digital transformation and to simplify day-to-day work with our service models through automated standard processes. simplified with our service models."

"The Packwise solution allows us to monitor our stocks digitally at all times, which saves us an enormous amount of time. Based on the data obtained, subsequent processes can be further optimised in terms of available quantities and container handling."

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