Smart Containers for the Chemical Industry

Revolutionize delivery to your customers by bringing your supply chain into the digital era 

As a company in the chemical industry, you manage a wide range of liquid and free-flowing substances every day. Both you and your customers depend on the seamless flow of goods along the supply chain. If logistics come to a standstill, production also grinds to a halt, and with it your value creation. The solution? Digitized and connected processes with Packwise.

Digital, transparent processes help you overcome the following challenges

  • Supply Chain
  • Quality Management
  • Customer Service

How can I minimize my organizational efforts while establishing stable processes and ensuring optimal delivery?


The Packwise solution increases transparency along the supply chain and makes it possible to optimize logistical workflows and automate processes. Thanks to Packwise Flow, you and your customers have an overview of the status of deliveries and orders at all times. The application monitors inventories, for example in order to trigger reorders automatically. Visibility of the entire container fleet allows container logistics to be optimized, making them more efficient and sustainable.

How can I ensure the safe transport and storage of my hazardous and explosive goods?

With the help of the Packwise solution, products can be tracked reliably and in real time. Packwise Flow not only monitors the temperature in real time and notifies you if it falls into a critical range. At the same time, critical incidents such as cross-contamination can be prevented and alerted if containers are damaged. That way, you meet the high safety requirements and at the same time avoid product waste and costly special trips.

How can I offer my customers attractive new service models to continue to be a long-term, reliable partner?


Thanks to real-time inventory monitoring, the Packwise solution allows you to establish an automated reordering process to ensure that your customer gets exactly what they need, at all times. This also allows you to customize both, the delivery of materials and the collection of emptied containers according to their storage capacity. At the same time, thanks to Packwise Flow, new service models such as pay per use or vendor managed inventory can be established.

Benefits for the chemical industry

Conserves resources and protects the environment

Transparency within and beyond a company’s plant premises

Automated, intelligent processes

Resilient, perfectly coordinated supply chains

Reduced risk when transporting hazardous materials

Optimized, individual customer service

What our customer say

“With the help of Packwise, we can track our shipments and ensure their quality at all times thanks to comprehensive data on temperature and fill level - all over Europe. On the one hand, this guarantees our customers high quality standards for our products, and on the other, it enables us to keep an eye on our high-quality containers and thus always keep them in circulation."


How long-standing chemical company Hesse Lignal implemented a digital supply chain with Packwise


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Gesche Weger - CEO Packwise GmbH