Greater control for the food & beverage industry

Ensure the quality of your precious goods with digital and transparent logistics – even after they have been dispatched

Reliable and seamless quality management is of paramount importance for companies in the food and beverage industry. With Packwise, you can always track the relevant parameters of your entire container fleet in real time, resulting in greater transparency and process control. Your customers reap the benefits of outstanding product quality and first-class service.

Let smart IT solutions help you optimize the demanding supply chain in the food industry.

  • Quality Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Service

How can I keep an eye on the critical quality parameters of our deliveries even after they leave production?

The Packwise solution allows sensitive products to be controlled and monitored after filling, through shipping to consumption by the customer. In addition to the temperature, the fill level, location and best-before date are always monitored. This allows complete traceability and prevents damage and waste due to complaints, giving your demanding customers greater peace of mind.

How can I organize my container fleet more efficiently?

Traditional food containers are difficult to manage and use in a cost-saving way. Companies often struggle with empty containers that are not in circulation, tanks that sit unused at the customer's site for weeks, or missing and defective containers that are detected too late. By monitoring the container fleet along the complete supply chain, taking into account other parameters such as fill level, location, pressure or temperature, container deployment can be optimized, the fleet reduced and thus effort and costs reduced.

What opportunities exist to offer my customers improved service and more attractive business models beyond the product?

The Packwise solution offers numerous service opportunities for your demanding customers in the food processing industry. By monitoring product status and inventory, models such as vendor managed inventory (e.g. combined with consignment stock), automated reordering processes and real-time sharing of critical delivery and quality data can be implemented.

The benefits for the food & beverage industry

Efficient, seamless quality control

New service, e.g. Vendor-Managed Inventory

Simplified container and warehouse management

Minimized waste of resources

More efficient use of packaging

Internal process optimization and cost savings


"Most companies struggle with a non-transparent supply chain: as soon as the goods leave the shipping department, they no longer have any information about their condition. Packwise enables more visibility and control throughout the supply chain. Our customers know exactly what pressure is currently in the container or what quantity is still in stock with the customer."


Find out how Zentis, a manufacturer of fruit preparations, is relying on Packwise to expand its supply chain into a transparent, digital value network.


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Gesche Weger - CEO Packwise GmbH