Intelligent packaging for the pharma industry

Rely on our smart technology and let your supply chain communicate intelligently

As a pharmaceutical company, you have people and their health at the forefront of your minds. However, this great responsibility also goes hand in hand with a multitude of laws, a critical supply and availability situation as well as high demand on quality management (good manufacturing process).

With the innovative Packwise solution, you not only improve the flow of goods along your supply chain; you also benefit from planning and process reliability from raw materials procurement and manufacturing to the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

  • Quality Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer Service

How can I meet the high requirements for quality and process reliability in the pharmaceutical industry?

By permanently monitoring the containers and their contents even outside the company's own plants via temperature control, container movement profiles, locations, etc., important parameters along the supply chain can be controlled. In case of possible deviations, proactive interventions can be made to prevent product damage or quality impairments. This reduces costs and has a positive and lasting effect on product wastage and unnecessary special trips.

How can I ensure that the processes in my supply chain meet the high demands of customers and regulatory frameworks?

For the increasingly complex (intra)logistics between production sites, warehouses, partners and customers, Packwise offers you a solution to increase transparency and avoid shipments outside your own premises becoming a "black box". Locations, temperature, movement, position of containers as well as fill levels for entire container fleets can be monitored in real time. This not only reduces the manual effort in container management but also ensures efficient processes and thus reduced costs.

How can I offer my customers additional services in a highly regulated environment?

The Packwise solution offers numerous opportunities for automation and optimization of operational ordering and logistics processes. Examples include reordering processes based on defined minimum quantities in combination with vendor managed inventory or consignment warehouses, as well as sharing shipping and inventory data with all partners in the supply chain. In addition to lower costs in the supply chain, this also leads to differentiation from the competition.

The advantages for the pharmaceutical industry

Sustainable use of resources

Consistent quality management

Control and visibility over containers

Efficient sourcing thanks to automated processes

Resilient, perfectly coordinated supply chains

Reduced risk with high-value products


"Quality assurance and process reliability play the decisive role for our customers in the life sciences sector. The Packwise solution can make an important contribution to this and at the same time save costs by automating and optimizing processes as well as improving customer loyalty through additional services."




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Gesche Weger - CEO Packwise GmbH